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National Radiotherapy Dataset - RTDS


Radiotherapy is a major modality in the treatment of cancer and also represents a significant sector within the NHS, in terms of both workforce and capital investment. From 1st April 2009, all facilities providing radiotherapy services are required to return the RTDS, the current version of which can be downloaded here: Radiotherapy Attendance Record and Dataset v4.doc.
There is an accompanying data manual: RTDS Data Manual and Implementation Guidance v4.0.8.doc and information regarding the RTDS toolkits which are specific to each manufacturer of Oncology Management and Information systems. The toolkit extracts data and processes it into the required format for the dataset. Read more about RTDS

Spins-offs of participating in RTDS are:

  • Agreed currencies and definitions
  • A convergence of working practices in OMS
  • Better understanding of radiotherapy
  • Centralised data collection to populate the targets
  • Link patient data to geography
  • Driver for financial and management information
  • Rich opportunities for clinical investigations and research

Access to RTDS for England needs to be approved by the Radiotherapy Clinical Information Group, RCIG, which will assess the appropriateness of the data being requested and the purpose for which it is be used. The principles of data protection are upheld with strict information governance policies in place.

A series of aggregated reports with benchmarking across services, regions and countries are accessible through the dedicated RTDS microsite. This is accessible to certified NHS users.


There is a dedicated RTDS helpdesk available weekdays from 9am to 5pm:

Tel: 0870 840 8033