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Radiotherapy Information


This guidance has been developed by clinical members of the radiotherapy coding group to support consistent interpretation of the OPCS 4.5 codes in clinical practice.

The information and guidance here has been written or archived by NATCANSAT for the purpose of:

  • Supporting the Radiotherapy Dataset
  • Promoting the standardisation of common currencies, formatting and coding to agreed definitions.
  • Encouraging the convergence of working practices within oncology management and information systems
  • Offering information on new technologies with radiotherapy e.g. IMRT & SABR


If the information requires any revision, please contact NATCANSAT.


Z codes recommended for RTDS Treatment Site


RTDS ICD10 codes
(Updated July 2011)


Guidance Notes for the use of ICD 10 Codes in RTDS


NCAT Coding Guide for Radiotherapy (External Beam) 2011


Radiotherapy Definitions